Batten Facades

Batten Facades are 2023’s Hottest Trend

Omnia Cladding are Market Leaders in Supplying Conceal Batten System for front Facades

Conceal system with no rails or fixings

Designed to Leave a Statement

Omnia batten facades are growing by popularity in 2023, with the elegant lines and eye-catching architectural statement it creates on your front home or commercial building. Our 50×50 battens is the most popular batten used to give a bold look that covers large areas. Another key benefit of using Omnia battens, they are durable and non-combustible product which complies to Australian standards 1530.1.

Create a lasting impression

Privacy, Style and Statement

Omnia battens are designed to be attached to any structural element. No other product on the market can achieve the clean line, flexible spacing and pattern like aluminum battens. Omnia battens require minimal maintenance and no recoating or resealing like timber.